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As a Click & Count Performance Marketing Agency,
We Make Your Brand More Visible by Reaching Your Target Audience

Performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to maximize brand impact by using the brand's measurable data.

Performance marketing helps you achieve your goals while increasing awareness of your brand. In this way, you can maximize the number of sales, clicks or registrations your brand wants. appropriate in a way that ensures that it reaches you.

Performance marketing is often confused with digital marketing. Digital marketing is more general. Performance marketing is a sub-branch of digital marketing.

Click & Count analyzes your ads using measurable data and offers you a strategy that suits your brand. It also ensures that this strategy stays up to date with optimizations.

Performance Marketing

We Use Data Correctly

  • Achieve Company Goals in a Shorter Path,
  • Become More Visible to Your Audience,
  • You Can Increase Your Brand Awareness
  • You can be one step ahead of your competitors with advertisements,

Catch the Changing World

We Make Your Brand More Visible by Reaching Your Target Audience. Thanks to this, you are one step closer to your goals within the company.

Why is Performance Marketing Important?

Performance Marketing

The main purpose of marketing is to use the available data to draw new strategies. Every step is very important here. Getting the data right, reading this data correctly, taking the right step as a result of this reading, reporting and rereading the data as a result of this step. In fact, we can easily understand that there is a self-renewing system.

If you want a better structure in performance marketing, if you want to reach your digital goals more easily, if you want your brand to develop every day, you can contact us and join our customers.

  • Which Channels Do Your Customers Come From?
  • Which Advertising Channels Are More Efficient for Your Brand?
  • How to Reach Your Customers at Less Cost?

Do you want to find out?

Performance marketing allows businesses to directly measure their targeted results and see the return on investment more clearly. Therefore, performance marketing is more measurable and efficient than other types of marketing. Performance marketing strategies enable a business to engage with its target audience. This allows you to send the right message to the right people and achieve higher conversion rates. In addition, targeted advertising reduces advertising costs by enabling your brand to show ads that are more relevant to its target audience.

A performance marketing agency increases the time optimizability of your brand. This allows a business to constantly re-evaluate and optimize its advertising strategy. This way, the business can always achieve the best results. Furthermore, performance marketing increases measurability, allowing the business to make the right decisions regarding its advertising strategy. This allows the business to use its budget more efficiently and achieve higher returns. A performance marketing agency allows businesses to market more efficiently and directly measure targeted results, enabling them to achieve a better return on investment. It is therefore an important part of a business' marketing strategy and contributes to their success.

What Advantages Does Performance Marketing Give You?

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Channels We Serve

Performance Strategy

Ad Accounts Management

Planning and Budget

Data Flow Control

Budget Management


Performance Strategy.

Performance Strategy is the most important tool in achieving your goals. By analyzing and optimizing your brand's performance, we ensure that the brand reaches its goals in less cost and in less time.

Planning and Budget.

Planning and Budget are very important in terms of efficiency. With the right planning, we ensure that your budget is transferred to the right channels.

Budget Management.

By implementing the right ad bidding strategy and allocating the budget to the right campaigns, we use the budget more effectively.

Advertising Accounts Management.

There are many advertising platforms available today. We increase the efficiency of your accounts by managing your advertising accounts effectively and up-to-date.

Data Flow Control.

By controlling the brand's data flow, we ensure that the brand is up-to-date in performance marketing.


Reporting is where data is received and read for performance marketing. We share with you the work we have done for your brand in reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of performance marketing?

Performance marketing makes your ads more effective. So how does it do this? It distributes the budget correctly according to the course of the ads, keeping the cpc costs at optimum, both reducing the cost and increasing the traffic. It ensures that users become customers by filling the funnel according to the advertising budget

Does performance marketing only cover advertising?

No, it doesn't. Performance marketing does not only use advertising channels to bring users to your site. Apart from advertising channels, it also uses channels such as "Unpaid" channels and UX/UI. The use of these channels varies according to the needs of the brand.

What is the working model of performance marketing?

First, the relevant site of the brand is examined and then the places that the brand needs to complete according to this review are shown as a presentation. It is very important to do the review correctly, as the ad setup is made according to this review. Ads are optimized every week and with this optimization, the results are presented to the brand with reports.

What are performance marketing channels?

Performance marketing channels include social media ads, native advertising, search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing, SEO channels.

What is the process of achieving marketing objectives?

This varies with parameters such as the brand's awareness and whether it has advertised for its site before. The process of brands reaching their goals varies between 3 months and 6 months on average.

We are a team that thinks analytically, believes in the power of brainstorming and is solution-oriented.

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