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We work closely with your team to make marketing a revenue center instead of a cost center.

Growth Marketing Service

It is the work done to improve the growth process of the business in terms of time and money by basing different strategic perspectives emerging with analytical thinking on data.

Growth Marketing is not only the realization of digital marketing activities of your business. It is both technical and strategic, identifying the needs and problems of your customers based on data and offering suggestions for solving these problems. 

In addition to the acquisition of new customers, it is all the work done to retain customers and increase their life value.

User Experience Consultancy

It is the production of strategic or technical solutions that will increase performance as well as improvements to provide users with an easier experience on the site interface.

Benefits of a User Friendly Interface

  • Customer Loyalty Develops with Satisfaction
  • Sales Volume Increases
  • Costs are Optimized

Control of Order Steps

Analyzing the steps from the homepage to the order receipt page from different perspectives, giving suggestions that will positively affect the sales process and increase the conversion rate.

Unique Selling Propositions

Product sales or form collection, suggestions that will mobilize users faster in line with your goals, and announce the opportunities and benefits that differentiate you from your competitors in appropriate areas on the site.

Widget & Recommendation

Determining the most effective one for you among the 3rd party tools used for different product recommendation setups such as the products that users have recently looked at or similar products from the category they are interested in and carrying out the integration process.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

It is all of the services provided to find the most accurate and efficient way to reach your potential target audience by trying all marketing models from start to finish in online marketing channels.

Analyzing the data of your business, drawing a new strategy to achieve success and guiding you in determining the digital channels that can reach the potential target audience with the right message language.

Product Analysis

By evaluating the interactions of users with your products together with the sales performance of the products, we analyze the products that have potential but have a lower sales rate than expected, rather than your successful products, and determine why these products lose performance.

Some of the Reasons for Poor Performance

  • Failure to provide the user with accurate information about the product.
  • Marketing strategy failure
  • Competition 
  • Site technical problems

Churn Analysis

By analyzing your order data, we calculate the average churn time of your brand based on the time elapsed from your customers' last orders and offer suggestions to reduce your churn rate.

Some of the Causes of Churn

  • Bad sales experience
  • Low customer communication
  • Weak brand loyalty
  • Lack of price competitiveness

Retantion Analysis

By analyzing your customer data, we determine your new and returning visitor rates and take actions that will enable your customers to interact with you again.

Actions to Increase Retantion

  • Make your customers feel that they are valuable to you.
  • Keep in touch.
  • Ask for feedback.

Customer Analytics

In order to get to know your customers better and to determine what their needs are and to provide the right service; behavioral, demographic, geographical, value-needs-oriented many different segmentations are all of the analyzes made by performing.

Benefits of Customer Analytics

  • It allows you to better target customers through segmentation and increase ROI.
  • It helps you identify channels for advertising communication.
  • It helps you understand how to improve your products or services.
  • It allows you to increase customer loyalty.

Channel Analysis

Analyzing whether the investment is made correctly, briefly analyzing the channel efficiency and presenting new channel suggestions, taking into account the assisted effect of all channels that you get traffic to your site with or without money.

Channels Suitable for Small Businesses

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • YouTube 

Campaign Proposal and Analysis

Determining the needs of your sales or awareness business that may vary periodically, sharing targeted campaign suggestions and analyzing the results of the work carried out and reporting the efficiency it provides to your business.

Key Criteria for Campaign Choice

  • Clear Target Setting
  • Analyzing Competitors Correctly
  • Being Competitive
Brand Awareness Campaigns

It is all of the advertising activities carried out to increase the awareness of your brand or products, to reach new customers and to ensure memorability.

Traffic Campaigns

It is all of the advertising activities carried out to ensure that as many relevant users as possible visit your website on the way to achieving your goals.

Transformation Campaigns

They are all campaigns designed to achieve your sales or form acquisition goals, with different strategies such as maximizing conversions or increasing conversion value.  

Technical Consulting

We provide support for the integration of 3rd party applications to your website, the integration of pixels of advertising channels or the solution of technical problems such as measurement errors. 

Infrastructure Consulting

We provide services in investigating the causes of technical problems such as ERP, cargo, virtual pos or product integration problems, design arrangements, campaign errors that you experience in the site infrastructure and producing solutions. We also undertake the management of the migration process in infrastructure transitions and support the correct establishment of the bridge between the two infrastructures.

Communication Channels Consultancy

Identifying and managing the most appropriate communication channels for your business in line with your goals, whether digital or traditional.

  • Identification of Channels
  • Strategic Planning
  • Managing the Process
  • Solution of Problems that may arise

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Marketing and Growth Marketing?

While the aim of Marketing is to carry out all the necessary work to ensure that the business achieves its goals as soon as possible, Growth Marketing takes part in all the work carried out to identify the needs and shortcomings of the business based on data and to increase customer retention and life value.

What is Growth Marketing service?

It is the work carried out to increase customer loyalty and increase the value of life by making sense of different strategic perspectives emerging with analytical thinking, customer, churn, retantion, etc. in line with many analyzes.

Why do you need Growth Marketing services?

By dividing the users who have previously interacted with your business into the right segments in line with data analysis and reaching them again with segment-specific communication language, efforts are carried out to increase trust and loyalty in these users. In short, studies are carried out to optimize the investments made to reach new customers and to regain old customers.

Why is user experience UX-UI important?

Welcoming visitors to your website with a user-friendly, simple and useful site that reaches the purpose with minimum clicks and does not create question marks will increase your permanent customer rate as it will increase their shopping experience. In this way, your sales will increase by increasing the number of returning customers day by day.

What is a digital marketing consultancy and what does it do?

Consultancy is provided to analyze the results of the digital marketing activities carried out, to draw a 360° marketing strategy in all necessary channels in order to increase performance in line with the targets, to determine the points affecting the customer experience before and after sales, that is, to identify all missing points for the growth of the business and to produce solutions for development.

How to increase the number of sales and customers online?

  1. You must have a user-friendly site,
  2. The product and service must be presented to users in the right way,
  3. Professional high-level service that will increase trust on the site should be exhibited,
  4. Campaign communications should be made,
  5. The site should be created in a framework suitable for SEO,
  6. In order to reach new customers, it should be actively used in advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc,
  7. Life values should be increased by offering services that will increase customer loyalty,

How to communicate a successful campaign?

  1. Set the right campaign objectives,
  2. Segment the target audience you want to reach correctly,
  3. Make sure the campaign actually benefits users,
  4. marketplaceGet your website and store price policy right,
  5. Stay on top of your competitors' campaign activities,
  6. Manage the advertising channels to be used with the right budget,

How to retain customers? How to ensure loyalty?

  1. Do not deceive your customers, provide accurate information on your website,
  2. Take actions to maximize user experience on your site,
  3. Use a sincere language, do not stop communicating with your customers after making a sale, and plan periodic reminders of yourself,
  4. Provide uninterrupted quality service after shopping and prevent victimization professionally,
  5. Offer opportunities to make the customer feel special, to show that you are thinking about them,