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We believe data is at the center of our business strategy going forward. It's all about data driving business growth and new opportunities for value creation. We care about data analysis.

Data Analytics is the collection, classification, cleansing, modeling and analysis of appropriate data for your purpose to support decision-making.

Data Analytics provides the perspective that enables brands to take the most efficient actions for their operations and managerial decisions.

It is the analysis of meaningful cycles and changes in customer satisfaction survey results, sales reports, customer behavior analysis, product sales numbers and all other data you collect for your brand.

In this way, you can predict market trends by making the right KPI choices for your brand and give your brand an advantage in the competitive environment. 

What Does Data Analytics Service Include?

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is used to segment the traffic obtained after a website visit or any campaign.

Product-Category Performance Analysis

Product performance analysis allows you to see the performance of your products in terms of revenue, price and sales volume. It measures how product SKU number, category, brand details affect performance.

Big Data Usage

It combines the data collected in your CRM and ERP systems with large volumes of raw data collected from other data sources and is configured for integrated analysis. 

Web Analytics

It is the installation of tools such as Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica on your website to examine, group and report the behavior of users visiting the site. 

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the grouping of customers who react differently to the same offers and marketing behaviors according to appropriate parameters.

Which Analyses Do We Utilize in Data Analytics Service?

Cohort means users with common characteristics. With this analysis By finding any common characteristics between users who visit your website (such as users who log in for the first time at the same time), you can categorize these users. You can see how much revenue these common users bring to your brand over time, how many times they log in, how many pages they view, how many transactions they make.

It stands for Recency - Frequency - Monetary Value metrics. RFM stands for Recency - Frequency - Monetary Value in Turkish. Also known as Churn analysis. It is one of the most important analyses of customer segmentation. Customers are scored according to these three metrics and divided into groups. Thanks to these scores, you can identify your promising customers, loyal customers, customers you are at risk of losing and customers who have not shopped with you for a long time.

We are a team that thinks analytically, believes in the power of brainstorming and is solution-oriented.

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