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We enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by designing digital marketing services tailored to your brand. Seeing how much closer you get to your goals every day while doing these things causes us to do our job even more passionately, to prepare analyzes and reports with excitement, and to take quick action in times of crisis, regardless of time and place.


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As Click & Count, we aim to attract qualified potential leads to your site and increase your conversions by using data from Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, YouTube video ads, email marketing, website traffic analysis and other sources in performance marketing service. With the data we obtain, we create the most accurate advertising campaigns and reach the target.

We make your site more visible in search engines. We bring your brand to the top with our keyword studies, on-site and off-site SEO optimizations, technical SEO optimizations. With e-commerce SEO, we ensure that you get your sales from organic traffic. As Click & Count, we do not sell SEO packages. Our SEO service is customized according to your brand's goals.

Organic Traffic Growth
Organic Traffic Revenue Growth

Growth Marketing is the process of designing and executing experiments to optimize and improve the results of a target study. If you have a specific metric you want to increase, growth marketing is the best companion to achieve that goal.

As Click & Count, we do the following in Growth Marketing studies:

  1. We identify areas to test and develop
  2. We optimize identified processes and design experiments
  3. We set up experiments to test hypothesized improvements
  4. We analyze the results and manage growth with new experiments if necessary

In Data & Analytics consultancy, we collect detailed data about your website visitors. We analyze this data correctly and draw meaningful conclusions. If there is a problem with the data we obtain during the analysis process, we identify and solve this problem. In the next stage, we try to obtain the purest and leanest data by cleaning the data. In the last stage, we evaluate the data we obtain and create action plans.

Data Analytics

marketplace Counseling

While achieving high sales figures with the right installation, content and planning strategies in domestic and international marketplaces, we keep the performance at the highest level with internal advertising and campaign fictions.

Project Based Consulting.

Project Based Consulting allows you to take the workload off your plate for a specific project. Together with you, we define a scope of work, plan and start working on your projects.

Managing short or long term operations for your brand and fighting against competitors is a challenging process.
As Click and Count, we come to your rescue for your specific projects and provide the service you need.


UX/UI Consulting.

We conduct user research to understand user behavior. We categorize the preferences of different types of users and build UX according to a basic target audience. We start by understanding your goals.

By analyzing your site, we identify areas for improvement on the UX/UI side. We give design recommendations for both desktop and mobile design to ensure a more comfortable experience for users.

Performance Audit.

In the Performance Audit service, we examine and report all performance channels from your brand positioning to whether your advertising campaigns are working correctly. We examine your brand and report to you on issues such as evaluation of the advertising budget, current potential target audience evaluation, website evaluation.


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