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Click and Count with a data and human-oriented perspective established with many years of experience. 360° solutions offering a Digital Marketing agency. Since 2019, we have been using the power of technology and marketing to turn opportunities into performance for you because we are aware of the power of data and ads.

As Click & Count Digital Marketing Agency, we offer digital marketing services with our expert team and aim to increase your revenues.

Performance Strategy
Planning and Budget
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Technical SEO
Site Speed Optimization
Link Architecture
Content Optimization
Reporting & Recommendations
Website / Application Analysis
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Enhancing User Experience
Conversion Optimization
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Digital marketing agency
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What Can We Achieve?

We Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

We carry out campaigns by examining your advertising costs in the right way and making the best use of your advertising budget.

We Increase Your Brand Awareness

We bring your brand to a wide audience and increase your credibility with the plans we have designed specifically for your brand.

We Optimize Your Costs

We carry out campaigns by examining your advertising costs in the right way and making the best use of your advertising budget.

B2B Customer Study

We enable you to collaborate with businesses that will make a significant contribution to growing your business.

We Increase Website Traffic

With the SEO work we do, we increase the traffic of your site and bring your brand to a wider audience.

We Increase the Conversion Rate

We increase your conversion rates and increase the number of loyal customers by ensuring that new users coming to the site take more actions.

Ranking High on Google

Together, we will determine and target the keywords we will do for the keywords we target, and we will bring you to the top in important words with the relevant work we will do.

Increasing the Number of Site Members

We aim to increase the number of members and increase the customer rate with the work we will do for the users coming to your site.

✅ Planning: Advancing the Brand Line
✅ Team: Targeted Expert Team
✅ Reporting : Real-time Dynamic Reporting
✅ Targeting : Conversion and Traffic Driven Targeting

We are a new generation digital marketing agency that offers 360° communication solutions for brands with analysis based on digital metrics.

What are we doing?

Founded in 2019, our agency, which has adopted a performance-oriented way of working since its establishment, aims to provide effective solutions to brands that want to consolidate their place in the digital world and go beyond the age. As a Digital Marketing Agency, it promises to increase your brand awareness with its technology and creativity-oriented perspective and promises a steady growth with a loyal audience.


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What Makes Us Stand Out

We Offer Revenue Generating Digital Marketing Solutions

We believe that the success of the brands we work with is the best measure of our own performance.

With years of experience, we see that while each channel has its own advantages, they all work best when paired strategically and correctly with other channels.

Expert Team

With the targeted strategies we create for brands, we do whatever it takes for your success with our professional team on the road to success.

Fast Solution

It is important to analyze the results to produce solutions quickly. For this reason, we produce solutions for you by taking into account sales and goals such as conversion, engagement and sales.

Progressing along the Brand's Lines

We are aware of the latest trends in the digital world and develop new strategies in addition to projects that will increase your success and meet your goals.

Reading Data Correctly

When determining your strategy, digital marketing statistics are based on result-based data.
A strategy is determined according to the correct reading and analysis of this data.

Technological Solutions

We produce solutions to provide you with the most appropriate and best service so that you can successfully increase your presence in the digital world.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports are real-time reporting and interactive reports. We provide you services on many topics such as your conversion rates, site traffic and traffic sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Market My Start Up Project?
    In order to market the start-up project well, it is necessary to emphasize the difference or innovation in the market. It is important to market your product or service with a correct digital marketing strategy and correct data analysis. As Click and Count team, we provide consultancy in every area touched by digital marketing in start-up projects.
  • What is Start Up Consultancy?
    Startup consultancy is called Start-up consultancy to support the companies that have started the startup process to start their commercial life with innovative ideas, with their knowledge and experience from the past.
  • What is the Importance of Digital Marketing for a Start Up Project?
    In the digitalizing world, it can be said that users meet their search for products and services by searching in the digital environment or by looking at the advertisements that appear in front of them. It is also clear that the digital world has an important place for both sales and brand growth by reaching new users. In order for startup projects to grow their brands by reaching new users and to create their own audience by reaching the right audience, it is essential to use digital marketing in such brands. Digital marketing will help startup projects grow fast.
  • What is the Importance of Social Media for a Start Up Project?
    Social media is a very important group of platforms for brand awareness and gaining new users. You can easily increase your brand awareness by constantly appearing in front of the user on a platform where people enter for socializing. Since it is very important for startup projects to create brand awareness for new brands, social media has a very important place for startup projects.
  • When Can I Announce My Start Up Project to People?
    A project that is innovative or an idea can be better presented to people is a startup project. You can announce this project to people after creating competitor analysis, market research, product or service presentation under favorable conditions.
  • How to Brand a Start Up Project?
    The most important element in the startup project is rapid growth. In order to brand, people will recognize you and then create your own audience, which will pave the way for the branding of the startup project over time. With rapid growth, the branding process you target within 3 years will now allow you to move from a startup phase of your project to a scaleup phase.
  • What is the difference between Startup and Scaleup?
    A startup is considered the beginning of a project. This beginning is considered as the rapid growth of the project and the announcement of the brand to people. The Scaleup phase is where startup projects aim to be within the first 3 years. In the Scaleup phase, corporatization has taken place and the service or product offered to the market has started to be purchased by users. In other words, the upper stage of the startup phase is the scaleup phase.
  • What are the benefits of using Facebook ads?
    Facebook has a lot of data about its users and allows marketers to use it when targeting their audience. When creating a Facebook Ad, you can specify demographic information such as gender, location and age. Where Facebook really differentiates itself from other platforms with ads is in its lifestyle-based targeting options, such as Since Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, their platforms can be easily integrated. This means that ads can run on both platforms at the same time, giving you access to even more social users. The reach potential of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is unmatched.
  • What is the importance of keywords for Google ads?
    Well-chosen keywords and phrases ensure that your pay-per-click (PPC) ad is seen by people searching for products and services similar to yours on search engines like Google. The right keywords will help you attract potential customers, increase click-through rates and minimize your advertising costs.
  • I don't have a website, can I advertise?
    Yes, you can advertise without a website. Google ads display relevant websites based on the search. However, if you don't have a website, we can make your ads work by ensuring that your pages on other social networks, such as Meta, are ranked high in Google. Many businesses use a website as a bridge between themselves and the products they choose to promote. It's also a much more convenient way of building an audience, getting people to see you as an authority and gaining trust. In addition, not only Google ads, but also Facebook and other social network ads, which are just as effective, can be run without a website. For this, it is enough to have an account on the relevant networks and create a special like page for your business. In this way, it will be possible to carry out highly effective advertising activities.
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